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How Terreplenish® Works?

Our proprietary blend of live active microbes convert N2 into NH4 & NO3 (nitrate) for immediate plant uptake

How much Terreplenish®  do I use ?

Two gallons of Terreplenish® (TP) per acre will result in 40 lbs of available nitrogen.

The same 2 gallons at or before planting will make a significant surge in

phosphorus availability.


2 gallons, post emerge will increase protection of plants from powdery mildew, fusarium, phytophthora, pythium root rot and other pathogens.  If conditions get unusually wet, another application might be useful. 

Plants will flower 10 days earlier and will mature more uniformly.  

If using TP,  reduce nitrogen by 40-60 lbs and phosphorus by 15 lbs.

In an organic cropping system, the actinomycetes combined with naturally occurring carboxylic acids from the microbial respiration will typically provide full season control of  pathogens.  

Increased yields result from improved nutrient utilization, healthier plants and extended root growth.  


Soil applied TP will yield the greatest benefits but a foliar application can be useful when airborne pathogens are present. 

CAUTION - Do not use Ridomil or other mefenoxam or metalaxyl products with TP. 

Theses systemic fungicides are non-selective in toxicity to soil organisms. 

How does Terreplenish® work?

Dilute based on your needs.  

Then, choose your application method: spray bottle, garden hose sprayer, fogger, or bucket.

Apply to your vegetables, fruits and plants in low sun at least once per week for best results.

Sit back and relax as your plants and veggies flourish, year after year. 

What's Terreplenish® made of?

Living Microbes




Amino Acids


Liquid Media

Still have questions?

Watch this animated short to see the Terreplenish process start to finish